Anthem of the Awakened – Saturday


ANTHEM OF THE AWAKENED – Two days of pure black metal

The forces of darkness will be unleashed in Denmark in February 2024, when Gimle and Eksercerhuset in Fredericia set the stage for two days with some of the best in black metal! Anthem of the Awakened is born. Denmark’s new, big 2-day black metal event. 8 bands in total. 4 per day.

Saturday February 10th (Gimle)
Moonsorrow (FIN) – Pagan black metal
Tsjuder (NO) – Norwegian black metal
Seth (FRA) – Epic melodic black metal
Lamentari (DK) – Symphonic blackened metal

Moonsorrow (FIN) – Pagan black metal
One of the headliners of the year. Masterful Moonsorrow returns to Denmark for their second and third Danish show ever. These days the Finns generally don’t play a ton of concerts, so these shows will in every way be an exclusive experience for their many fans when attending the Anthem Of The Awakened. Melodic and Nordic-sounding epic pagan black metal awaits. A style that Moonsorrow has developed and refined ever since their debut “Suden Uni” from 2001.

Tsjuder (NO) – Norwegian black metal

The Norwegian black metal extremists Tsjuder will play one of their very, very rare Danish concerts. in 2024 it will be 6 years since they were last in Denmark! Expect corpse paint, studs and extremely raw punkish black metal.

Tsjuder crawled up from beneath anno 1993. Their intention was to create the rawest form of Black
Metal, and continue that for the lifetime of the band. The first official demo tape was released in
1995 with Nag, Draugluin and Berserk in the line-up. From that point on the band has had lots of lineup
changes, but Nag and Draugluin have always been part of the band. Nag and Draugluin have also
been the main composers of the music, which has led to their distinctive sound.

Seth (FRA) – Epic melodic black metal
It is a huge honor for us to finally be able to present French Seth in Denmark. For the first time the Danish fans can soon experience the darkest magic from France despite the fact that they have existed since 1995. Their 2021 album “La morsure du Christ” was heavily complimented by several prominent metal media as one of the best black metal releases this year. An epic, magnificent and theatrical show awaits.

Lamentari (DK) – Symphonic blackened metal

The only Danish feature at Anthem Of The Awakened. In no time Lamentari has gained a large following in Denmark with their technical symphonic black metal. “Clavis Aurea” is the title of their latest EP from 2022. The same year Lamentari secured an impressive third place at the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany. A theatrical experience awaits when Lamentari hits the stage at Anthem Of The Awakened.

695 DKK two-days

420 DKK Friday

420 DKK Saturday

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